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Nudist Couple Explains How They Do All Of Their Household Chores In The Buff (via Comic Sands)

Donna and John spent the first 25 years of their relationship clothed, unless they were in the shower or between the sheets.

A suburban couple discovered the perfect recipe for domestic bliss 25 years after they met, when they stumbled across a nudist beach on vacation and soon embraced everything from gardening to baking in the buff.

Now, Donna and John Price’s illustrated tweets are giving The Naked Chef a run for his money, as they knead dough in the nude – earning a 4,000 strong army of followers on Twitter.

And retired signal tester John, 69, and former office clerk Donna, 55, who recently moved from Kent, England to a more nudist-friendly home in Spilsby, Lincolnshire, swear nudity “makes everything feel better.”

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