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got your back – a professional perspective on nudist massage

If you have been around the nudist community online for any period of time you may have encountered conversations about nudist massage or naturist massage. Part of that conversation is a debate about what makes for a good  and “true” naturist or nudist massage. We decided to go to a source and talk to The nudist  owner of a massage service. We found Got Your Back owner and operator Sandee. We sent our editor Earl D to get a massage and to get answers to some questions while he was there. Tough job right? Read on to learn more about Got Your Back Massage and its nudist owner.

CFL – What is Got Your Back?

GYB – Got Your Back is the name of my massage and bodywork business.

CFL – How did GYB get started?

GYB – While in college, we were required to create a business name along with a 1, 5, and 10 year plan. So I had it created in my mind before graduating in December 2007

CFL -What services do you offer?

GYB – Most massages I do are deep tissue and therapeutic.  I generally use massage cups, bamboo sticks and salt rocks in addition to hands on. I will be adding in the DeepFeet massage as soon as possible. Since I’ve just gotten I’m certified to do it I don’t have bars above the massage table yet. Even though most people are only interested in deep and therapeutic I am certified to do Amma-shiatsu chair massage,Reiki energy, Raindrop Therapy, hot stone massage, massage cupping, Bamboo Fusion massage, body scrub and DeepFeet Bar Therapy

CFL – Where are you located?
GYB – My business is located primarily inside Turtle Lake Resort but I have available space to work in Marshall, MI 3 days a week

CFL -You are located inside a clothing optinal resort, how did that come about?
GYB – My husband talks too much. About 2 weeks before I finished my college classes my husband told me that he’d been talking to one of the owners and that I could start working there when I graduated.

CFL – Does the fact that you are in a clothing optional venue change anything about how you operate?
GYB -The only difference is since it’s inside a clothing optional place and most people walk in my office nude, they are given the option of keeping the draping cover that is on the massage table.

CFL – Some nudist suggest that a “true” nudist massage requires the massuer massage therapist to be clothes free nude as well as the massage like what are your thoughts on that?

GYB – In my opinion, it would be unprofessional to do my work unclothed. If I were to be nude working it could give the person getting the massage the wrong idea; that they could be inappropriate because I wasn’t dressed as other professional massage therapists.

CFL- some individuals may think that a clothing optional massage setting involves something more than the usual massage have you ever encountered that – how do you deal with that kind of situation?

GYB – I don’t think any massage therapist hasn’t experienced inappropriateness during a massage in one form or another. If anyone ever suggests anything I simply tell them they need to be quiet and enjoy the massage or they will need to leave immediately and I will report them to the Turtle Lake office.

CFL – Would you describe yourself as a nudist? How does that affect how you operate as a massage therapist?
GYB  – Yes, I’ve been a member at turtle lake resort for over 21 years.

CFL – If someone wanted to make an appointment or learn more about the types of massage services available how would they reach you?
GYB – The best way to contact me is either to call and leave a phone number and message or send me a text

CFL – Is there anything else you want to share with our readers?
GYB – Massage is healthcare not a luxury!  Don’t wait until your feeling and expect to be feeling great after just one massage. It took time to feel so bad, it’s going to take time to feel better.

Get a massage at least once a month to help feel great both mentally and physically. Massage can lower stress and who doesn’t need that?

When you get a massage let the therapist know if you want more or less pressure or if it hurts. If you get a massage you don’t like, don’t stop getting a massage, just try someone else.

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