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The Body Issue 2019 (via NOW Magazine)

The Body Issue 2019

There’s never been an easier or harder time to be yourself and love the person you are.

The world, we hope, is becoming more tolerant of diversity – in race, gender, ability, age, size and shape – and more inclusive of various definitions of beauty.

Scroll through Instagram and other social media and you’ll see thousands of people sharing photos of themselves every day, proclaiming (and in some cases, reclaiming) who they are. Many use hashtags like #selflove and #bodypositivity, and strangers from around the world offer messages of support and encouragement.

But at the same time, the internet amplifies words of hate. Those same posts are often bombarded with repulsive comments a person wouldn’t dare say to another’s face. There are still very few repercussions for online trolling. And Instagram plays a role in perpetuating traditional beauty ideals and promoting unattainable bodies.

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