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Purists v partiers: the battle between two popular nudist resorts (via the Guardian)

One of Florida’s oldest and most staid communities, Lake Como, and nearby Caliente Club struggle with being misunderstood – and with each other

Mike Kush punches the gas on a golf cart, the wind tousling his grizzled ponytail. “You look hot,” he says, waving a disapproving hand at my trousers. “Feel free to take your clothes off.”

A husky man, Kush takes up most of the seat, leaving only a few hallowed centimeters between me and his naked body. We’re speeding through the residential streets of the Lake Como Family Nudist Resort in Pasco county, Florida. It’s a Saturday morning and families are sunbathing around the community pool and clubhouse. The air is thick with the languid warmth of summer camp.

Lake Como is one of 13 nudist resorts and neighborhoods that pepper a 15-mile stretch of US 41 running through the rural heart of Pasco county, just inland of Tampa Bay, Florida. (Clothing is required by law everywhere outside the confines of each resort or neighborhood.)

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curators note There are many misconceptions and misinformation in this piece that suggests that those who would sexual naturism are winning. The headline suggests only swingers have parties and the rest of us are prudes. Our home base  resort has a party almost every weekend. The difference is that it isn’t a sex party. Also suggesting that nonsexual naturists and swingers are both the face of naturism today is a scary thought. Let’s be clear swingers get naked as precursor  to  sexual encounters to show off their bodies and attract others. Genuine naturists are non sexual in social activities and get naked for the freedom and many benefits of being clothes free. It is also telling that all the images in the story are of men and the only thing related to omen is a photo of sexy outfits for women. If we don’t counter this naturism as we know it will eventually disappear and be taken over by the sex starved crowd.

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