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Instagram influencers are sunning their naked butts, but should you? (via CNET)

“Perineum sunning” is catching on with Instagram influencers, but is it safe to butt-chug sunlight?

As CNET’s science editor covering the intricacies of climate change, wrestling with the infinite complexity of the universe and explaining the medical advances putting humans in suspended animation, I’m used to being surprised by the wonders of the scientific endeavor. But sometimes you come across articles and ideas that go beyond “surprise”. Put simply, they’re bonkers.

“Perineum sunning,” the latest craze sweeping through Instagraminfluencer feeds, feels like one such bonkers idea.

For those not in the know, perineum sunning is the act of lying on your back completely naked and throwing your legs up in the air, your private bits and pieces pointed directly at the sun. The “perineum,” a region of skin between the anus and the scrotum/vulva, is then exposed to the sun’s UV radiation. The claims, by some Instagram influencers, is this practice gives you the same amount of sunlight in 30 seconds that you would usually receive from an entire day being outside with clothes on.

The extremely evocative language used by Twitter user @sisterofonline (“butt-chugging sunlight”) brought the wellness practice to a more mainstream audience after a viral post gathered steam.

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curators note Another nutty borderline sexual nudity trend on IG that makes it difficult to express naturism and simple non sexual nudity

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