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El desnudo en el arte: Los dibujos de Leonardo da Vinci — migueldesnudo

Leonardo da Vinci (Vinci, former Republic of Florence, Italy, 1452-1519) is indisputably one of the great geniuses of world culture and one of the greatest representatives of the humanistic conception of Renaissance man. Painter, sculptor, draftsman, architect, engineer, anatomist, poet … It covered everything. Within the artistic world, he establishes with Miguel Angel and Rafael the most representative trilogy of the Italian Quattrocento. His pictorial work, despite its extraordinary importance, is not abundant and I only know one of his works in which a nude is shown: Leda and the swan , of which the original is not preserved. We know that he made sculptures but they have not been preserved; perhaps with the exception of a “Virgin with laughing child ”recently attributed to the Master. But his drawings are numerous. A large collection is preserved in which the nude is used for both anatomical and artistic purposes. They are almost exclusively male nudes. Leonardo da Vinci was homosexual and at the age of 24 he was accused of sodomy, but this fact does not seem to reflect in any way in his art. Technically, he sang the paper using various diluted materials (ink, charcoal, blood, etc.), which then allowed him to generate shadows and lights that gave his figures three-dimensional appearance. The painting was carried out with hardened goose feathers, and the ink was manufactured with cookies, ferric sulfate and gum arabic. […]

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