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We have had a number of incidents last summer where people using their smartphones looked like they were taking pictures. The Bare Oaks policy on photography has always welcomed picture taking as long as everyone within range gave permission. This was easy to manage when photography was only done using specific picture-taking devices. But the ubiquity of phones with built-in cameras and the fact that people are always using them has led to a great deal of consternation.

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  1. Stickers over a camera lens will only be useful against people who have no ulterior motives. Being on the lookout for suspicious phone activity will only catch those who aren’t clever about it. 99% security may be possible but 100% doesn’t exist. Camera security is a difficult issue at a private venue. If there are minors about it becomes critical. I’d simply ban them from the communal areas entirely. (Too bad pagers aren’t a thing anymore.)

    On a nude public beach, you can’t even do that much. You have exactly the same rights as someone in a 3 piece suit. Since there is no possible privacy claim, a photographer has the right to take photos unless they get close enough it could be considered harassment. If you grab the camera or threaten the photographer, you are guilty of assault. The cop or judge will say, “If you don’t want nude photos taken, don’t be nude in public.”

    It is fortunate that most people trying to surreptitiously take photos already feel nervous about doing it or they wouldn’t be surreptitious. They will run away if discovered. But they may already have photos.

    In the end, either we are all eventually going to have to be ok with an unknown possibility of having our photos taken or stay in hiding. The combination of tiny digital cameras and the instant dissemination of the internet have rendered nude showers nearly extinct in schools and other public locker rooms. By logical extension, clubs and resorts are next.

    The internet is flooded with tens of millions of nudes of all kinds of probably millions of people. Unless you are a public figure – or very beautiful – the chances of yours being randomly singled out for attention is microscopic. Nobody cares about ordinary people being nude. Joe or Jane average nudist has very little to be concerned about.

    I don’t have any actual erotic photos on my PC but if I did, I’d encrypt them. I don’t worry about ordinary nudes because there isn’t anything there that would grab any special attention.

    The real issue is that of someone you know using a photo of you specifically to harm you in blackmail or revenge porn. (Ask congresswoman Katie Hill about that.) Or maybe it was taken innocently and harm never intended but it was leaked or stolen. One needs to accept that every photo ever taken might end up on Reddit. That’s why being as far out of the closet as you can possibly be is so important. “Yeah. I’m a nudist. So what? Everyone who knows me knows that. Print it on the cover of National Geographic for all I care. I will expect royalties.” Without that attitude it is impossible to participate in the WNBR or anything similar.

    Young people attending textile schools have a much more serious problem. Teenagers often trustfully send sexy images to their bf/gf without thinking. They are surrounded by immature peers who have absorbed every bias and erroneous assumption their parents have ever had, have no sense of ordinary courtesy or morality, plus are pumped full of hormones. There is far more cruelty than empathy in a typical school. Cell phone nudes can be a very serious problem there.

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