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the shaven naturist – guest post tchaas

Any adult that reached the grade of 4 in the US knows that traditionally societies wore few if any clothing if they lived in environments where being naked would not cause damage or death to the body. The earliest civilizations around the Nile Valley and Southern India were not only primarily nude but added shaving as a cultural practice.  Contemporarily, societies from Japan to Africa to South America you shaving as a means to clean the body and to prepare it for ritual. While many cultural groups within these societies have an appreciation for the energetic value of shaving, the Chinese have codified an understanding of this energetic movement with a concept they call Chi or Qi.

Chi is that vital force that activates and animates us and the world around us. It’s what gives us life, similar to the electricity that’s moving in the walls of your home or the phone or laptop/PC on which you are reading this article. Within our bodies, the chi that moves in different layers of is called by different names. The one that is particularly strong with those curious individuals who you see running in short sleeve shirts and shorts during the winter time is what we call Wei Qi.  When that she is strong your immune system is strong, your skin glows, circulation is strong, and sexual sensitivity and experience it can be heightened. You’re less anxious and subsequently less susceptible to changes in your environment.

There are many practices that aid in improving the flow of Chi throughout the body, shaving just happens to be the easiest one and a great starting point.  And intuitively you know this. Anyone who’s ever held a baby to their skin or embrace a friend or loved one skin to skin knows there’s a difference in the experience from the kinds of embrace that we give when there’s a textile barriers.

Egyptian shaving

Hair can often function in the same way as a textile barrier. In addition, anyone who’s ever had to clean a carpet knows that it takes more than a little effort to get the dirt that sits at the base of a carpet. And when we’re trying to clean our bodies thoroughly, we logically understand that wall in dirt build-up at the follicle level and are difficult if not impossible to remove by just using a washcloth. Traditional societies had this understanding as well and so, especially in the case of Nile Valley Culture, what’s shave and exfoliate routinely.  The understanding being that if the body is not clean the Chi is obstructed and health diminishes.  Of course this makes sense to the Contemporary mind given what we know about the connection between hygiene and illness.

Now the next time you’re at your favorite naturist Resort and you see those smooth shaven men and women, don’t assume that they’re shaving to connect with their ancestors. Many of us shave because it just feels right and good and sometimes that’s enough.  For others of us, we enjoy knowing that what we’re doing actually strengthens us.

Guest author Tchaas IG black naturist family is father of an African naturist vegan family currently residing in Georgia. As a couple maturism is consistent with their spiritual values and the character values that we use to parent heir children. Particularly their intentional teaching of non judgement and body security, comfort, and shamelessness.

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