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Our featured clothes free yogi is Danielle the fit nude goddess. Her profile got our attention because she was posting about body acceptance and she had a fit slim body. In society today people are expected to fit into the body standards set by others. Women should be curvy but no too curvy or “fat”  Don’t be skinny to muscular or look like a man. These were some of the challenges Danielle shared on her IG that she experienced. So we asked her to share her yoga practice and journey to body acceptance. Fit nude goddess is a clothes free yogi we think you should know.

fit nude goddess

I’m Danielle and I’m the fit nude goddess. I was super skinny growing up and I cannot gain weight at all. People would say I look like a boy, no breast, no hips, no booty nothing. So, I started to workout and workout a lot. That’s when I fell in love with fitness. My body would always be sore so a friend of mine recommended me to try yoga.

nudist at heart

I started watching a few YouTube videos and after awhile I really started to enjoy it. So much I started to take private classes so I could possibly teach it one day. The more I got into yoga the more I started to discover all the benefits it offered from physical to spiritual. I’ve always been a nudist at heart so doing clothes free yoga just started from. I’m less restricted in my movement and flowing.

body acceptance

My body acceptance was always an up and down. I was teased when I skinny and even more when I became more fit. People started to say I look like a tranny which was the worse. Men stated they didn’t want me because of my muscular definition. At that point I hated my body then I got on IG and found this great body positive community and it helped me accept my body for all the hard work I put in it. My body is a work of art and I love it.

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