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5 things a naturist can do to help the environment

5 things a naturist can do to help the environment

Never before did I get so close to Nature; never before did she come so close to me… Nature was naked, and I was also… Sweet, sane, still Nakedness in Nature! – ah if poor, sick, prurient humanity in cities might really know you once more! Is not nakedness indecent? No, not inherently. It is your thought, your sophistication, your fear, your respectability, that is indecent. There come moods when these clothes of ours are not only too irksome to wear, but are themselves indecent.
Walt Whitman, A Sun-bathed Nakedness

This is a part of an ongoing series of posts in our putting the nature back in naturism series.

Climate change is a big topic around the world today. This week the United Nations is hosting a climate change summit. Environmental activist Greta Thunburg traveled across the Atlantic in a boat to attend and keep her carbon footprint small. Extreme weather has become a norm and many beloved beaches seem to be at risk.

The topic found its way into the naturist twittersphere by way of one of Britain’s best know naturist a woman who goes by the twitter handle LadyGodivaLDN. She suggests being an naturist is more than just loving the feeling of being clothes free. Naturism involves a love for nature and the environment as well. It has sparked a rich conversation and inspired this post. See the original tweet below and follow see the full thread.


While some want to limit naturism to getting naked on vacation. I believe Lady Godiva is correct.  Naturism has always been being ecologically minded. In fact naturist historian and advocate Marc Alain Descamp suggests naturism is precursor to the modern day ecology movement. 1)NATURISM AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION The International Naturist Federation’s definition of naturism leads with being in harmony with nature and ends with respect for the environment .

…  a way of life in harmony with nature, characterized by the practice of communal nudity, with the intention of encouraging respect for oneself, respect for others and for the environment. 1)


Go green

Going green is adding things to your everyday life and routine that help to reduce pollution and reduce energy consumption. As a naturist you should already wear less clothing which decreases some of your energy footprint. Some laundry detergents have micro pellets in them that end up in the water system through waste water polluting wild life. Only do laundry when absolutely necessary and use detergents that don’t include such pollutants. There are a few other ways to reduce your electricity consumption.

  •  Air dry laundry when possible instead of using a dryer.
  • Replace regular light bulbs with LED alternative which last longer and use less energy.
  • Use a programmable thermostat for home heating.
  • During winter season use a portable heater to heat one room at a time instead the whole house. Alternately have blankets in each room to cover for warmth or just add a light layer.
  • If you can afford it make energy efficient upgrades to your home. Like a on demand water heater or solar panels.

Eat less meat and processed foods

This is a challenge for some because of established social habits. However, large scale industrial meat production and the production of processed food is a major contributor to both energy consumption and green house gases. This doesn’t mean every naturist should stop eating meat completely. Consider eliminating meat from your diet one day a week. Join the meatless Monday movement. Seek out recipes for some of your favorites dishes, you might be surprised how much good stuff is out there. Consuming less meat and processed foods not only helps the environment it is also more healthy. Healthy eating was an important part of the early modern naturist movement.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Fly less, drive less, ride more. Carbon emissions from fossil fuels account for a large percentage of green house gases that pollute the atmosphere and warm the planet contributing to climate change. The impact of climate change on the environment includes the melting of the polar ice caps and glaciers. This in turn causes a rise is sea levels which erodes beaches and coastal areas that naturist like to enjoy. Here are a few suggestions for reducing your carbon footprint

  • If you fly frequently for business consider doing some of your meetings by Skype or teleconference instead. If you most travel to meeting consider using alternative options like traveling by rail.
  • Driving less can be accomplished by taking advantage of mass transit options where available. Use ride shares or a per use car rental.  Consider purchasing a hybrid vehicle for your necessary driving.
  • Riding a bicycle when possible is another way to cut down your carbon footprint. WNBR rides promote safer streets for cyclists and less fossil fuel use.

Participate in a World Naked Bike Ride

LadyGodiva London WNBR organizer leads by example

Be as bare as you dare and show your public support for reducing fossil fuels by participating in a local WNBR. WNBR isn’t a naturist event though many naturists and naturist organizations have adopted the events. It is a global protest ride for reducing our use of fossil fuels and promoting safer streets for cycling. Some people are drawn to WNBR participation because of the opportunity to be publicly naked. Other naturists participate to join the call for using cleaner fuel and people powered transportation. Those things reduce green house gases and helps the environment. If there isn’t a WNBR in your area, consider organizing an protest with the help of the WNBR folks. WNBR events are a great way to connect with a broader community of people advocating for the environment. WNBR after parties are notoriously fun too.

Participate in a beach/woodland cleanup

Something great to do with a group of naturists from your club or who are likeminded is a beach clean-up. This not only good for the environment but shows the mainstream society society that naturists aren’t just users of natural resources. Several naturist groups do beach clean-ups. Other groups do adopt a highway cleanups. Either one is a good way to not only help the environment but also connect with groups that are like-minded.

These are only a few ways that naturists can help the environment and put the nature back in naturism. Bare your thoughts in the comments and share your ideas.

About the author: Earl D
Founder, editor in chief, news curator

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4 thoughts on “5 things a naturist can do to help the environment

  1. We should be living much more natural lives.  Back off from the consumer lifestyle.  I live that way to some extent,  and am aiming to go a lot more into it.  I work on setting up food production to run without the unsustainable and unreliable inputs of petroleum.    Since I have lots of wood to deal with,  I use it to make biochar,   use it to heat in winter,   use it for machine fuel to do farm work,  at least that’s the plan,  I have one wood burner off road truck sort of functional,  need to finish details on it and build another one to use for farm work.  I use wood for fuel in foundry work.   And as I can get a steady supply of produce coming off I can eat fresh all the time from it,  and supply the community with fresh produce.   I’ve studied health and natural healing,  nutrition has a lot to do with health,  and we are much more deficient in good nutrition than any of us realize.   I am going to make the drastic claim that if we had the nutrition we should have,  we’d have athletes running 100 miles per day for days on end.   We’d have people living to at least 250 years old or better.   We’d be healthy and hard working till well past 200 years of age.    It’s been done,  but so rarely it’s unheard of.  That’s because none of us are eating right.   We don’t even have the right food that would make that happen.  But we can grow it in soil heavily enriched with natural minerals from the earth and ocean,  and carbon from the plant, charred to trap the carbon in stable form so it can grab up those minerals and feed the plants,  with the associated work of soil microbial life and fungi rhizomes.      Look up Li Ching Yuen,  he lived to be 256 years old.    The only others I know of who generally followed the same dietary plan lived to be 132 and 156,  one died of an accident while trail riding and the other died when he changed diet.    But even Li Ching Yuen didn’t know to do everything perfect he could have done.   Due to the research and development put into nutrient dense agriculture we can create a diet much richer in life giving and healing elements than he had,  in growing highly nutritious fresh food to eat.   I am getting fed up with the excessive low quality of food being presented to us by the agriculture and food systems.  I desperately want something far better.   Been working on trying to make something to heat greenhouses,  but it’s going too slow,   guess I’ll go ahead and build a greenhouse and try to heat it with geo thermal.  Because wood heating is too work intensive to scale it up to greenhouse heating.   But I will keep working on the water heating technology until I find something that will work.   I’ll try to get a sonic resonance heater to work.  That would do it.      Once I figure out what will work.  I will draw up plans for it all and present it to others to duplicate.  As a plan for the best environmentally friendly,  simple and natural lifestyle and agriculture business.    And it would make for a very nice clothes free place to work and hang out all winter.

  2. Great article and ideas I adhere to and put into practice. I personally have a portion of the 101-SB Highway in California I adopted in 1991. When I applied, I applied as an individual. At that time Caltrans was only interested in groups. I wrote a letter that I was dedicated to the project and received my permit. I have seen groups come and go on the signs, but I have personally done my portion for 28 years. I was even featured in a news article regarding my adoption and received a Volunteerism award from my employer. I would love to see nudist clubs and groups adopt a portion of road, highway or beach to show that we care about our community and that “I am just like you, only I am a nudist.”

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