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Topless march planned for Whistler (via Pique)

Go Topless Day parade takes place Sunday, Aug. 25

WHEN DENISE BELISLE first got involved with topless marches in Vancouver more than 10 years ago, it was something of a spectacle—hundreds of people stopped and stared, snapping pictures and the like.

“What I was telling the journalists at the time is that the day that this walk is a flop, I have succeeded,” Belisle said in an interview on Aug. 8.

“Which makes sense, right? Because you don’t want it to be a big thing.”

And in recent years, the annual demonstration has become “less of a big deal,” Belisle said.
“I was like, ‘OK, it’s time to move on now—it’s time to go somewhere else and normalize the breasts somewhere else.'”

As such, the international movement known as Go Topless Day is coming to Whistler.

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