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wnbr la 2019 report guest post mcbelzar

my wnbr la 2019 report

Hello my name is Vince and I am a young nudist. I just turned 30 and I am excited to start my 30s doing all types of nude adventures. To start this summer off I went to the world naked bike ride in Los Angeles for the 2nd time and it was amazing!

Last year me and my fiancée @naturesoulgoddess rode for #wnbrla2018. We rode our bikes nude through the streets of downtown Los Angeles. It was so liberating to ride in our natural state.  This was my first time doing something like that, aside from the naked hike a while back. It felt like a community there. Almost a different world. People were so nice and we met some friends as well. Remember to embrace your body, live in the moment and always strive to become the best version of you.

This year was a lot warmer than last year, but the weather was just right. I went with a few friends and we all had a blast riding through the streets of L.A. together In the nude.

When I am not doing any nude activities, I’m usually with my fiancée or making music. I have a youtube Channel you can follow “belzaristhename”. I recently made the switch to include my nude adventures with full nudity on my YouTube page. Nudism has become a big part of my life that’s why I want to incorporate it. I’m just trying to find a balance between nudism and my music. I want to present it a organic way without trying to do it to make it look like I just want attention cause that’s not the goal.

I just want everything to be a complete representation of who I am; who I aspire to be; and how I want to connect to the world around me. I also hope to inspire others to be themselves as well. It’s important to spread love and positivity. With so much violence on YouTube I had to take it upon myself to post nude content.

Wish you all a wonderful summer. If you’re in the Southern California area send me a dm via my Instagram @mcbelzar maybe we can go to blacks beach or a nude hike!

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