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Naked and Afraid review

Naked and Afraid review – The folks at the Discovery Network announced the return of the American TV series Naked and Afraid for a tenth season. I think it was long overdue for a review. Naked and Afraid is one of my favorite television shows. Here’s the Discovery Network synopsis.

What happens when you put two complete strangers – sans clothes – in some of the most extreme environments on Earth? Each male-female duo is left with no food, no water, no clothes, and only one survival item each as they attempt to survive on their own. – Discovery channel

Naked and Afraid is one of the few shows I record so I don’t miss an episode. If you aren’t familiar as described by the Discovery channel above. The show usually places two people, a man and woman, in the wild without food and clothes for 21 days. The couple have to survive using their wits and any resources they can find in their wilderness habitat. Many don’t make it.


Let’s be clear Naked and Afraid is not a naturist show. It is a survival show in the reality tv genre. However, many of the key components of naturism, non-sexual social nudity; in harmony with nature; respect for environment and others; are essential elements of the program. The pixelation and blurring used to allow broadcast on non-subscription American television bothers some die-hard nudists and naturists. In my opinion it is a necessary inconvenience to get the idea of simple non-sexual nudity out to the public.
The show is a twist on the survival genre. It has an extra challenge for participants by leaving them in an environment without any clothes and just two items of their choice. The survivalist must work as a team  to find food, water and shelter for themselves. They must deal with sometimes often harsh environments and potentially dangerous wildlife in the process.

For the most part, the survivalists are on their own. There is an ever watchful camera and production crew capturing survivalist activities and in case of medical or other emergency. They are also a backstop against cheaters, who were caught in the past episodes. Despite the pixelation there have been a few awkward moments the producers call not safe for work.


The show is so popular that it birthed its own survivalist stars like EJ Snyder and a spin-off Naked and Afraid XL. XL for extra long 40 days in wilderness survival instead of 21. Recently the Naked and Afraid XL (XL for extra long 40 days instead of 21) completed its second season. The XL season finale was intense and the five people, three women and two men, survived forty days. The furious five I call them managed to make it to their extraction point, despite some significant challenges. An image of the successful five survivors is on Instagram and Twitter.

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It is fair to say the folks at Discovery have a hit on their hands. Going from the responses to their tweets and IG posts, Naked and Afraid has a good fan base. All those fans are in my opinion, one step closer to understanding the concept of simple nonsexual nudity, something naturists should be happy about. Their Twitter account has almost 70,000 followers and the Instagram account has over 50,000 followers.

New season

I am looking forward to the new season to see how the new twist of being in new locations including a cold environment challenge the Naked and Afraid participants. The new season show premieres at 8 p.m. March 3 2019 10pm EST in the US with an all-star cast being left naked and  Afraid  in Alaska. Watch Naked and Afraid on the Discovery Channel on cable or stream on the Discovery Go app with a cable subscription.

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One thought on “Naked and Afraid review

  1. Spot on! Naked and Afraid is a pioneer, breaking new ground in television. Society for decades has been taught by Hollywood and Madison Avenue to equate nudity with sex, and Discovery Channel is doing nudists a huge benefit by showing that nudism is not threatening and the human body is to be admired, not covered or hidden.

    Pixelating genitals takes us from our prudish past and is a bridge of what is currently culturally acceptable to normalizing the naked human body. Every show that accomplishes that, whether it’s naked home buying, Adam searching for Eve, etc. is generating a positive impact on society for nudism, and giving nudists more PR than we could ever hope to buy.

    It may take a while longer for society to gain enough acceptance for anti-nudity laws to be reversed, but we are already seeing millenials’ widespread acceptance and participation in nudity, from home nudity to selfies, to skinny dipping, to social events like nude yoga. We can be grateful for N&A helping to create a conducive environment.

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