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How naked yoga is paving the way for a new age of body-positive nudies (via The Nude Blogger)

Ok, so I wrote this piece for the September 2018 issue of TAN (The Australian Naturist) magazine…and now I want to share it with all of those of you who couldn’t get your hands on the ..

For you and I, naked yoga probably doesn’t sound all too daunting…well, not the naked part anyway!
Inspiringly, there is a wave of women taking the bold and courageous leap to shed the layers and get nude in downward dog! And! Hats off to them…they’re not even nudists! Just your everyday mother, sister, daughter, teacher, nurse, business owner…you name it! Your average textile beach-goer and, more often than not, someone that has never been nude in front of strangers before. So, leading a revolutionary movement to bare it all in the name of normalising nudity, body-positivity and self-acceptance, these women are leading the charge to improve their body image by trying their hand at some naked yoga. By doing so, they’re also helping to slowly change the stigma attached to nudity and a nudist lifestyle.Continue to source:

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