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Without Clothes, Life Goes On…..In A Good Way

It’s a crisp autumnal morning and you get out of bed to begin the working day. However, you’re wearing nothing at all, completely naked and you ponder what to do next? For many naturists, the answer is simple, carry on. There are some who dont like to sleep in the nude so when they get up, the first thing they do is undress.

Life continues on with or without clothes, we continue to work, watch TV and where it permits go into our gardens and enjoy the weather. The only difference is the dress code.Attitudes towards Naturism are changing as seen from British Naturism having an increase in membership by 10%, that is fantastic and I’m glad to be part of this great organisation. However, there is still lots of work to be done to ensure Naturists are protected and allowed to continue their business in the public sphere.

I’m still looking forward to getting a picture with a great view in my birthday suit, that day will come be it here or elsewhere in the world. But as the article says, life goes on without my clothes and Im enjoying every minute.



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About the author: David
Blogger, Video Gamer and Traveller who enjoys being naked in my spare time. Member of British Naturism #noclothesrequired #egonudus

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