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A journey to answer a simple question, why be nude?

It’s a question that even to this day I struggle to fully answer as I’m still on a journey of discovering why I prefer to be naked in my spare time. I still have questions that I hope in time will be answered but I’m certainly enjoying the journey.

I keep imagining myself in woodland walks, mountain paths, rivers/lakes but instead of being clothed I’m naked. I don’t fully understand why I am but I’m always on my own and it doesn’t seem to bother me that I’m naked. It just feels like the norm and since I’m on my own, it doesn’t really matter.

I imagine the spectacular views of the hills, mountains or the sea like in the picture be and it looks fantastic. Some day I hope to achieve a photo like this because I think for some reason it’s rather cool. They are enjoying the view, enjoying nature and it doesn’t matter that they are naked.

Naturists do have different reasons for being naked such as getting back in touch with nature or improving their body confidence. I really do enjoy the comfort factor and also that to me there is no real difference from wearing clothes to not wearing them. There are times when clothes are required e.g. when it is cold but if given the choice, I’d prefer not to have anything on at all.

So this comes back to the original question, why do I prefer to be nude? I would say that I believe that nudity is no big deal and I’m not concerned about being nude.

I think the best I can summarise is the definition from the book – The Complete Guide to Naturism and Nudism – Naturism is the enjoyment of getting as naked as possible, wherever and whenever appropriate, alone or with others, just for its own sake. The main characteristic of nudism is the enjoyment of being naked.

My journey is far from over and I’m enjoying the experience. I still have something’s to tick of my naked bucket list and hope to keep going after those goals in the years to come.



About the author: David
Blogger, Video Gamer and Traveller who enjoys being naked in my spare time. Member of British Naturism #noclothesrequired #egonudus


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