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The Sisterly Bonds Forged by Nudism (via The Atlantic)

Three sisters drifted apart after a tough childhood. A nudist club brought them back together.

To visit the Avatan Nudist Club in East Bethel, Minnesota, about 30 miles north of Minneapolis, you drive through the front gate and check in with a greeter in the office. She may or may not be wearing clothing. You disrobe alongside your car. Then, perhaps in the company of a pair of friendly naked tour guides, you walk the road that encircles the camp. You pass the main lodge, a swimming pool, and the well-kept summer cabins of members. Nude people are playing horseshoes, fixing a roof, riding a golf cart. Most of the camp is quiet. People come and go throughout the summer, some staying for days, others for months. Life here is slow and peaceful.

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