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Batman’s penis is in a comic book for the first time ever — but not for long (via Vox)

Batman’s penis is now a comic book collector’s item.

Like the hero it’s attached to, Batman’s penis has traditionally worked undercover. But that changed this week as DC Comics exposed Batman’s Batmember to the world for the first time ever — and then hastily decided to take it away.

In a panel from the new Batman: Damned No. 1, written by Brian Azzarello with art by Lee Bermejo, the superhero’s penis, seemingly tired from a night of trying to solve the Joker’s murder, is seen leaning to Batman’s hard right, resting behind a pair of turgid thighs and just below a chiseled waist. The shot is presented in shadow, but it’s nonetheless clear what we’re seeing: the first-ever exposure of Batman’s manhood.

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