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What does Naturism mean to me?

The clothes free lifestyle is something I’ve enjoyed over the past few years but I’ve often been thinking, what does it actually mean to me? I look at the picture below and think that is something I would love to do. I’d love to be able to find somewhere like this, sit and enjoy the world go by and most importantly enjoy the view.

It’s sometimes hard to explain why I would do this naked instead of doing it clothed. Whether it be in a forest trail or a mountain track, I just envision doing it in my birthday suit. No one else around, just me, alone, to explore what the world has to offer. That is the stuff that dreams are made of.

Naturism is just ordinary people just deciding not to wear clothes. I choose to be naked rather than wearing clothes as it gives me a sense of freedom. An escape from the daily trials and tribulations life can throw at you. It helps me relax, unwind and is more comfortable.

It’s been good for my physical and mental health as well, I can be a bit of a worrier at times but that doesn’t seem to happen as much when I’m naked. The holidays and trips to clubs has allowed me to meet other naturists. They’re just ordinary people of different ages, shapes and sizes who enjoy a beer at the pool or on the beach without any cares in the world.

It also makes me happy. I know that sounds strange, but it really does. I refer back to the picture above, being able to do that would make me very happy. To look out to a view like that and enjoy it in my birthday suit is something I dream about achieving one day in my life.

Naturism is now a part of my daily life, being naked in my own home or on my holidays is just great and it’s important to me.

So to answer the question – what does Naturism mean to me? It means being happy. Isn’t that what we all want in life? I certainly think so. We get one go at life, may as well do the things that make you happy. And sitting here, typing this while in my birthday suit, I dream of one day being able to getting to the top of the mountain to enjoy it all.

Photo Credit from British Naturism.

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About the author: David
Blogger, Video Gamer and Traveller who enjoys being naked in my spare time. Member of British Naturism #noclothesrequired #egonudus

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