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Vegan Crispy Sweet and Sour chicken

Vegan Crispy Sweet and sour chicken

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My first ever attempt at Vegan Crispy Sweet and Sour chicken. Batter is ready here we go!

[recipes-notes]We came across this recipe from a follower on Instagram barefootvegan69 who gave us permission to post it in the clothes free kitchen. barefootvegan69 is a vegan, barefooter, naturist who regularly posts his vegan eats on IG. [recipes-notes]


  • Vegan chicken alternative
  • Diced vegetables spring onions, pineapple, sweet peppers
  • Sweet and sour sauce


Ok cut the Vegan chicken into chunks coat in your batter and Deep fry for 5 mins (I don’t normally use deep frying methods but couldn’t see and other way with this recipe).

5 mins is a estimate when they are golden brown take them out.

Bang in your pineapple, spring onion, and pepper for approximately 4 mins

Chuck in your Chicken and your sweet and sour sauce and stir for about 5mins

There you go done and only took me 10 mins. Serve with rice as pictured here

Thanks to barefootvegan69 on Instagram for allowing us to share his vegan recipe.
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