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Toronto nude cruise event report

I recently hosted the Toronto nude cruise event. We have many nudist/naturist outdoors and indoors activities in the Toronto, Ontario naturist community.  Still I kept thinking about something new to spend time in our one button birth suit. It came to my mind the idea of a nude cruise trip event on lake Ontario where we can socialize and make more nudist friends. Toronto, Ontario and in general Canada is being more friendly towards nudism/naturism. I called this cruise company to find out if there was a possibility of having a nude cruise on one of their sail boats and I got a positive response.

Sail boating nude cruise

Being on a cruise boats it is completely legal to be nude as soon as the boat starts sailing away from the dock as it is private property. I tried previously in 2017 to do a Toronto nude cruise event, but that failed due to a mistake. I started up too late, and the turn out was bad because I didn’t have the needed time for advertising.  I decided that I wouldn’t give up on my plan but try again this year (2018), and start advertising early. Advertising is very important, when hosting an event like this for the first time. People didn’t know me, won’t know anything until it is happening in real time.

As soon as the sail boat started moving away, I just noticed that everyone was already nude, the Toronto nude cruise was underway! The music was playing, the staff started serving little entrees and the bar was open. I  checked with every group to see if they  were alright, or if they need anything. It really made me happy watching everyone’s face wearing only that nudist specific smile, while dancing, chatting and socializing. All the other boats that passed by gave us great support by waving at us, as did people on the shore, when we got close enough for them to see. I also broke the virtual friendship barrier a few days before the event with Nick and Lins from Naked Wanderings. They were my special guests and big thanks for both of them for all their support.

Not for profit

I didn’t plan for any profit, for the Toronto nude cruise. All I wanted was for everyone to have a good time. I hope if they’re satisfied with the atmosphere then they would recommend the next event to others. That is exactly what happened. During the event people asked me to do it next year and they already want to recommend to their friends. As it was my first big event, I recognize I made mistakes. The worst one in my opinion, was my welcome speech. I’m not good at speeches, and although I warned multiple times, one of the participants took pictures without consent. After his phone was checked, all the pictures where deleted from his smartphone. With all the mistakes, I learned how to better prepare for next year’s event will be even better. There were some issues with the food, although the food there was s lot of it and it was good.

Anyone trying to organize an event like the Toronto nude cruise is welcome to contact me with questions. I’ll be pleased to help. I want to give special thanks to all those groups and people who helped me advertising my event! Remember – Every start is from low below and slowly can go higher if there’s will and optimism.
Attila Deak

Go Natural magazine the Canadian Naturist Federation publication will be printing a version of this report in the near future. Follow AttilaD2 on Twitter

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  1. Good to see that this is possible in Canada. In the Netherlands where come from this is not allowed by law

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