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Texas naked lady – nude vlogger

If you don’t know her yet, we would like to introduce you to the nude vlogger who calls herself the Texas naked lady. Our committed mission is sharing the stories of ordinary people who practice clothes free life. Other folks cover the celebrities of naturist travel and experience. We like to find the everyday folks who like to share their stories to inspire others to live everyday life clothes free. A few months ago were fortunate enough to come across the vlogs (video blogs) of the The Texas Naked Lady (Nicola) on Vimeo. We believe the vlogs are an expression of authentic clothes free life as experienced by a deaf woman. She shares her life working on crafts projects, swimming in her pool, planning activities of everyday life just clothes free. It isn’t  often that we hear the “voice” of the hearing-impaired or deaf in naturist circles. We eagerly share our interview with Nicola who vlogs under the name of the Texas Naked Lady.

CFL: Tell about yourself – who is the Texas naked Lady?

I am just a normal woman. A wife and mother and wanting to enjoy life to the fullest.  I was born in England but moved to the US when I was about 10 (and am now a US citizen).  I’ve gone to school and worked and raised my family.  I love sewing and other crafts and always like to keep busy.  My husband spoils me and supports me in everything I do and I try to do the same for him.  He helps me learn English better and I teach him sign.

CFL: Why did you start your video blog?

I started this Vlog to reach out to both deaf and hearing, naturist and nudist, and just anyone who will listen. I want to share my ideas and thoughts on topics that I feel are important, and just some of my daily life. Hopefully I can reach out to people and share my thoughts and let people see that I am a normal person.  I want to let people see that being deaf or naked or anything else for that matter, is not wrong, just maybe different than what you are used to at the moment.  Hopefully by listening and watching, they will become more comfortable with both and learn to be more accepting.

CFL: How long have you been comfortable being nude vlogger?

I have made a lot of videos when using sign language but not nude.  Most of my messages to deaf friends are recorded videos (sign language).  I made a few nude ones for family and friends just having fun, but this is my first time really public.  I have always enjoyed the freedom of being nude.  It is just so much more comfortable and free and open.  I decided that I wanted to have more of that in my life and don’t mind sharing my experiences with others.

CFL: Had you done anything like that before?

This is my first public Vlog or blog.  I wanted to start one before but really didn’t know how or where.  Most websites I knew had rules against nudity so would hardly be a good place to show my videos.  Vimeo gave me the perfect place to start.

CFL: What do you hope the viewers will experience from viewing the Texas Nude Lady vlog?

I hope that they will see me and see a part of my life. I hope that they learn about being deaf and to accept people for who they are, not for their first immediate differences.  The same with nudism.  Most people are so nervous about it until they actually get a chance to be with someone who talks about it openly.  So many times we’ve had people join us skinny dipping and the first words out of their mouth is always “Oh I could never do that!”.  Then they start asking questions and we just answer them. Before you know it off comes the bathing suits and their next questions is “When can we do this again?”.

CFL: What do family and friends think of your video blogs?

I haven’t shown a lot of my friends yet, but so far they have been interested and positive.  My close family knows but they know me so they didn’t worry about it at all.  I’m sure some of my friends will run across the videos some time and then they’ll all know in a short time…it’s fine if they know.  I told my Mom about it and her first question was “What!  Without me?”.  She went with us to the resort many times and loved it!  She never wore a bathing suit in our pool again if she didn’t have to.

CFL: Do you describe yourself as a naturist a nudist or some other description?

Going nude is something that I have always done to some degree.  I have never been real shy, but like most people, I worried what other people would think.  My husband helps me to learn that I need to let people accept me or not, and that in accepting me for who I am lets me know who I will let closer to me in my life. And I found that many people who I thought would judge me would instead just jump right in and go skinny dipping with me.  Very few worried too much about it and even in they didn’t join in, it didn’t affect their friendships.  I guess I would consider myself both.  I do it because I feel more free and healthy and excited to be alive, but I do get naked around others in social events sometimes.

CFL: Do you take part in any social nude activities?

I’ve been to a nudist resort here in Texas for several years and skinny dipping with friends at the beach or pool.  I’ve never been to any of the big events I’ve seen in the news or anything.  But I’d like to try

CFL: Do you describe  yourself as deaf or hearing-impaired?

I am completely deaf.  No hearing at all.  I have cochlear implants but have had very limited success wearing them and still can’t understand words (things all blend together).  So most of the time I just do without.  But in quiet places the implants help me hear things for the first time.  The sound of water splashing or an airplane flying was all new to me.  Sound is addicting!  :-).

CFL: Has it affected your clothes free life in any way?

Deafness hasn’t affected my way of dressing (or undressing). In fact it often create a great conversation opener when people ask me about signs or stop to talk about family or friends who are deaf.  And believe me, when you’re naked, people will watch your signing much more!  Lol

CFL: Is there anything else our readers to know about The Texas Naked Lady?

I would like everyone to get to know both more about being deaf and about being a nudist.  Hopefully they can learn to accept me for who I am.  I can do anything a hearing person can do, except hear.  As a nudist, I do everything others do, but just have more fun and freedom doing it.  I’ve decided to be completely open about everything to everybody, and getting naked on the Vlog means you don’t hide much.

View Nicola’s – Texas Naked Lady vlogs on Vimeo She this does with the support of her husband who she says helps her with her spoken English and she helps to sign with sometimes funny results. He shares her preference for clothes free life but keeps it private for job reasons.


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