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Sevilla Short Film Review

Sevilla Short Film

The 2012 released Sevilla short Film is described in its blurb as follows.

Three youngsters take a road trip to Seville that will change their lives forever.

That description doesn’t even begin to express the incredible story.

One reviewer on Letterbox says

It is nearly jaw-dropping what this film emotionally accomplished in it’s almost too-brief 11 minute runtime. Letterbox review

My take

They are correct there is a lot packed into this 11 minute short film. If you are looking gratuitous nudity best to move along. If however, you want to take a ride on an emotional roller coaster with three friends on a road trip then scroll down and watch.

You will find a well-directed story that weaves an engaging plot of exuberant, joyful and unexpected experiences. Through a seamless integration of flashbacks director Brad Schouw takes the viewer into the heart soul and mind of the three road-trippers. The viewers  unsuspectingly  drawn into the freedom and happiness that spills unto the screen.

The characters two brothers and one of their girlfriends who find no anxiety in sharing a precious moments of simple nudity. Instead the simple nudity takes on meaning of bonding and kinship. While I would not describe this as a naturist movie I believe this short film represents the future direction of nu gymnosophy. Simple moments of non sexual nudity experienced among friends and family.

My rating

The film quality is top-notch. The acting more than adequate, and the story compelling. Though it isn’t naturist movie per se the 11 minute it takes any naturist to watch would be well spent. For its dramatic twists and powerful storytelling I give this film a big thumbs up. View the Sevilla Short Film from YouTube in the naturist movie database

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