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Rev Kate Bottley reveals all on BBCa’s Naked Podcast (via RadioToday)

BBC Radio 2 presenter Reverend Kate Bottley has revealed all in an interview on The Naked Podcast.

In an exclusive chat with the BBC Radio Sheffield podcast, radio and TV presenter Rev Kate Bottley talks openly about body image and how her weight has yo-yoed over the last four years; how men sexualise women’s bodies and she had her bottom pinched whilst wearing full robes; plus the time she shared a bed with Debbie McGee.

Kate tells reporters Kat Harbourne and Jenny Eells about a moment when she was conducting a funeral service a few years ago: “I remember being at a funeral in my full robes and a bloke pinching my arse. I asked him not to do it and he said he thought I would find it funny! Even in full robes at a funeral someone can come on to you. If you’re a woman there will be someone, usually a bloke, who will find something to sexualise you for.”

In all the interviews that Kat and Jenny do for The Naked Podcast, they and their interviewee are all completely naked. During this interview, Kate confides that getting naked in front of strangers is a new thing for her while she considers sex to be a gift:

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