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the challenges of a clothes free advocate

It’s not easy trying to find an affordable place to live in one of the most expensive cities in the world, especially one with a vacancy rate of 0.2% so I’ve been living in shared accommodation for the past three years in Vancouver, BC. Now this is fine as far as the rent goes but not so good when you’re a clothes free advocate and long time nudist who doesn’t see the need for clothes other than in certain social or work situations.

So how do I manage to share a house with others who are not naturists? Quite simply with difficulty, but luckily I do have a large upstairs suite, with en-suite bathroom so I can at least be naked in my own space as much as I like, as I am now writing this blog.

Of course, as a professional figure model I do get to spend most of my working life naked anyway although in a completely different context to everyday clothes free living.

It’s always nice when my housemates are away and I can cook and clean clothes free as well as lounge in front of the TV for the evening as nature intended!

Hopefully my girlfriend and I will be moving to another part of Canada that has more affordable accommodation possibilities, although we would like to live and work on a naturist site full time, having experienced 24/7 clothes free living for the past three years in Portugal.

About the author: Steve

Pagan naturist poet, model, writer and artist.
Originally from England now living in Canada.
Regular contributor to H&R magazine with articles and photographs on our clothes free lifestyle.
I'm fortunate that as a nude figure model I spend about 85% of my working life in the nude!

clothes free life

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