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Skinny dip or chunky dunk on International Skinny Dip Day

This Saturday July 14 2018 and every second Saturday in July has been designated International Skinny Dip Day by the American Association for Nude Recreation

Skinny dipping or chunky dunking as some call it is a popular activity among naturists. No naturist clubs or venues allow clothed swimming in pools even if they give the option to be clothed out of the pool. Some naturist/nudist venues host skinny dip events. Some on the day other through out the year in conjunction with other skinny dipping events like the world record.

The options for skinny dipping are many and varied. If it is your first time consider inviting a friend to join you for a trip to a naturist venue. If you know a safe clothing optional swimming hole or beach in your area consider that. Make a day, pack a lunch and enjoy some naked time in nature.

Whether it is on International Skinny Dip Day or some other opportunity we think everyone should try skinny dipping. See our map of places to explore It’s fun, feel great, once you try you’ll never want to wear a swimsuit again.

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