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newbie’s first nudie experience

July 12th was my 38th Birthday and been practicing this lifestyle going on 2 yrs and mainly in my home and out on my patio. But on my Birthday I figured it was a perfect time to enhance my journey and try a nude resort, my first nudie experience. It was such a fulfilling, welcoming, relaxing experience and the opposite of preconceived notions (making the atmosphere sexualized and being gawked at).

Living in Northern California didn’t think there were any that was so close to where I live so it was exciting to know there’s one about 35 minutes away Laguna del Sol! Tucked in a nice corner out in the country, you arrive at these double gates with registration parking on the right. I went to the front desk and mentioned I was a 1st time visitor, the woman was nice had me have a seat and brought me info about the resort and filled a brief form and informed me that she arranged for a guide to give me a tour and she would be right out. Shortly after, the tour guide gave me a warm friendly greeting and we sat and she broke down the rules, regulations and amenities of the resort. Then we walked out to her golf cart and took a ride all over the resort (which is pretty impressive, literally a community).

There are nice views in nature, a lake, multiple pools, saunas abundance of camping options, suites, personal cabin/park model options to stay, restaurant, boutique, access to bikes, my favorite a gazebo full of hammocks, hiking trails, access to boats/paddleboats, tennis courts, archery, other game options, rec center and a dance hall. I’m sure I’m missing other things this place offered so much. I was amazed how comfortable, relaxing and welcoming it was almost everyone I passed was friendly and just enjoying the moment! It confirmed more of my truth in the lifestyle and definitely going back! My first nudie experience was the best Birthday ever!

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