homemade potato crisps (chips)

homemade potato crisps (chips)

home made potato crisps

  • Servings: Two
  • Difficulty: easy
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This homemade potato crisps recipe comes from barefootvegan69 one of the most prolific posters of vegan food options on Instagram. You should definitely follow for plant-based meal ideas. He is a barefooter, naturist and vegan not necessarily in that order. As you can see below he posted this from his clothes free kitchen.
Today I decided I going to try to make my own Crisps cos I fancy some and it healthier to do your own and above all you know what goes in it. Oh yes and it’s Clothes optional cooking day for me so cooking in the buff is recommended.


-Two potatoes ?


Slice the potato as thin as you can then put in cold water to get rid of starch

Into the oven or Tefal

Pat dry and season with whatever you like. I not your Father so I not going to tell you what to do so you decide on your own flavour.

There you go all done simple and vegan put them on a cooling rack and you got your own home made Crisps made by you from scratch so you know what’s in them so now you can get on with your Movie night or Netflix and Chill if you have Netflix & Chill buddy that is.

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