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be free be real – nude recreation is the way

As we engage in social media we come across many different groups and individuals who post naked photos. There are the collectors, who post naked pictures of naked people just to post pictures of naked people. The travel nudies who post naked pics from travel locations. The clothes free living folks who post here everyday life in nudes. And of course there are the creeps who simply post near explicit stuff as exhibitionist. In the midst of that glut of nakedness on  Instagram we discovered Be free be real and it seemed like some thing different.

These are naked pictures with a purpose. This IGer challenges followers to Be free 2 be you, the you YOU want 2 be.  Be real, don’t be fake. The subject describes herself as happily married PLUS SIZE NATURALIST. While most of the photos are outdoors whether indoors or out they are all at interesting scenic locations. In a world filled with fake social profiles and fake naturists,  we thought it was fitting on International Nude Day to share our Be Free Be Real project interview with you. As you read we extend their invitation to you to be real, be free on International Nude Day.

CFL Tell us about Be free Be real. What is it all about?

BFBR Be_free_be_real started as a way of rediscovering myself and re-learning to love myself.
Sometimes people are so busy being everything to everyone that they forget who they are themselves. That’s what happened to me, I forgot about me. So I guess you could say be_free_be_real is a living reminder to always remember to make time for me. Body acceptance is the idea, Nude recreation is the way.

CFL Who takes your for be free be real photos?

BFBR My husband takes my photo’s. He is a huge advocate of my journey. His support and encouragement is staggering.

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CFL The majority of your photos are taken in nature, is this intentional? Why not just indoors?

BFBR I enjoy getting out and exploring, there is so much to discover. A beautiful bush trail, old relics, abandoned buildings, waterfalls. There are so many beautiful places to discover, the possibilities are endless, and make fantastic backgrounds. There is no better feeling than being nude in nature. To feel the wind and sun on my skin, to be one with the world around me.

I hope that my pictures inspire others to visit the places I have been, or to explore their own area.
Why not just indoors? I guess because there are only so many photo’s you can take indoors.
Out side the only limit is your imagination.

CFL Do you describe yourself as a naturist, a nudist, something else or nothing at all?

BFBR I would describe myself as a Naturalist. I enjoy being clothes free. Of course, there are times when clothes are necessary or required.

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CFL You describe yourself as a plus size person, what does this mean to you?

BFBR Plus size to me is a term used to describe people who are above average.
The average Australian woman is a size 14 – 16. I am a size 18, I have a butt and curves. That’s who I am and I’m still beautiful. I can still bush walk and hike up mountains. I can dance and live and love. I am healthy and have a lot to be thankful for.

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CFL Do you consider yourself to be a body positive advocate?

BFBR To me “Body Positivity” is about acceptance of all bodies! Your own and other’s. Being happy with your own body, doesn’t give you permission to steal that pleasure from other’s. I have had some followers tell me that I have inspired them, to be themselves, to get naked, to live their life their way. I hope that anyone who reads this article or follows my page can take something positive away from it. If I inspire others to live their life by their own rules, and accept themselves for who they are, then I’m happy. So, if I am seen as an advocate for Body positivity, I hope that I am inspiring both men and women to be themselves and love themselves and to remember everyone is beautiful, regardless of size, shape, colour, race or lifestyle.

CFL What has been the response to be free be real?

BFBR For the most part, the response has been very positive. I’ve made some like minded friends that I talk to regularly, and the support of my followers is fantastic. Some followers have shared locations, or suggested photo destinations.

CFL Is there anything else you would like our readers to know?

BFBR In a culture where its seen as normal to dislike our bodies, to constantly try to change them. I hope people realize that their body is good enough right now, and it’s important that they start living their life now, not wait until they match some vision of how they think their body should look.
Try to love your body for what it does for you, instead of what it looks like.
We are not always going to love our bodies, and that’s OK.
Some days we feel bloated, sluggish, tired or self-conscious and that’s ok.

Just tell yourself “Be Free, Be Real, Be the best you can be… just for today!”  Above all else Be Happy!

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