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Naturism in France the app review

Naturism in France app is an offering by the French department of tourism to help tourists plan and take a naturist vacation in France. The app feels the way I imagine France, elegant yet easy to explore. It is visually pleasing to the eye and the information it provides is relevant and easy to use. Of all the apps we have reviewed it is by far the best in this regard.

Ease of use

Don’t be fooled by the simple interface, it is what makes the app so very powerful and usable. Hidden behind the four squared main screen is all the information you need to plan and naturist vacation in France. The app lets you discover options by region (northern, central, south west and southeast France) or location (mountains, seashore or countryside).

Once a user has made that choice a list of potential destination venues is provided. Chose a venue from the the list and  find information about the venue. This includes contact information, facilities and external link to more information and a way to share the venue.

At the bottom of that same screen are device specific links to start phone calls, open map with venue, send an email or view the venue web site. The map screen provides a view of naturist options including beaches throughout France. Click on a map item and get  addresses and GPS coördinates and available contact information for the item.

Minor flaw

The only flaw that prevented a perfect score for this app was several broken links on the venue listings to the Naturism in France website. But that does not degrade the performance of the app much. If you are planning on going on a naturist vacation and you are considering France as a destination then you should definitely get this app.


The app is available for iOS iTunes App Store and Android devices Google Play Store  download using these links or QR codes.

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