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Matt Richardson body positive nudes in nature classics reimagined

This is the first time that we have featured an artist in a profile for a second time. However, we noted the ongoing work of his artist and thought the sketches of Matt Richardson represented a new expression and tone of creative expression. We think that new work of body positive nudes in nature classics reimagined deserves to be shared.

His new creativity brings a body positive eye towards naked black bodies in nature and an imaginative take on some classics with a transgender twist relevant to the times. Take a moment to read the intention behind these new pieces and then view the sketches of Matt Richardson in the galleries below.  CFLMAG

Body positive nudes in nature

The first thing to mention is that a large majority all of my drawn art is inspired by my photography; they’re either drawn from photos I have taken, or from photo shoots I want to one day do. The water colors are based on photos I’ve taken (except for one based on @yournudemom with her permission), but set in an open field since I’ve always wanted to shoot portraits out in nature.

Classics reimagined

The other set is hard for me to put in words really, but it started with the concept of me being bothered that I rarely ever see transgender men and women in nonsexual art or photography (or nudism). Through some conversations with a friend, the idea of taking a famous piece of art and combining it with some cultural significance came to mind; this led to representing the subject in a different light. Included here is Lustitia (Justice), Libertas (Liberty), Veritas (Truth), Cupid, Atlas, and Michelangelo’s “David”.-  MR

See full size images of the body positive nudes in nature classics reimagined View his previous artist profile
Richardson is a photographer and musician as well as an artist and self-described gamer. Find Matt on Tumblr

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