Best Nude Beaches (Where You Can Also Surf) (via Surfline)

Best Nude Beaches (Where You Can Also Surf) (via Surfline)

Swimsuit optional surf spots for the most adventurous waveriders

The sport of surfing began as a pastime of Polynesian islanders, and according to the earliest depictions and accounts from traveling evangelists who witnessed the bronzed and bare-bodied natives skimming across the ocean surface on flat, wooden planks (pubic splinters be damned), both men and women took to the waves unabashedly in the nude.

But somewhere down the line, the practice of naked surfing – and all other water activities, for that matter – was dropped like a pair of whitey-tighties in a physical exam. In fact, in the 1900s, people loved their swimsuits so much that they decided to wear as much of them as possible. There was a time when a woman could be arrested for indecent exposure if she wore a swimsuit which showed too much skin. And now, look at today – swimwear has increasingly shrunk over the years, to the point where anything marginally wider than a string of dental floss passes as appropriate attire.

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