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10 Tips for Rocking a Naked Bike Ride (via Bicycling)

It’s summer, and therefore it’s prime season for joining a World Naked Bike Ride near you

Fourteen years ago, Vancouver-based social activist Conrad Schmidt helped organize the first World Naked Bike Ride, a clothing-optional event to celebrate the power and individuality of the human body while advocating for less oil dependency and more bike-friendly streets and communities.

Since then, the yearly rides have spread to more than 70 cities around the world. Many have specific themes: In this year’s ride in São Paulo, Brazil, participants called attention to an alarming increase in cycling deaths. Others raise money, as well as awareness, for various causes. Groups of as many as 8,000 nude or nearly nude cyclists ride peacefully together (and are generally tolerated, if not even assisted) by local police forces.

June is the month for many Naked Bike Rides here in the Northern Hemisphere, because not too hot, not too cold matters when you’re wearing nothing but a smile. Like any good group ride, there are some basic rules that make it more fun—and safe—for everyone. Here’s what you should know:

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