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Contact. Human contact. Body to body. Soul to soul. We crave touch, affection, and intimacy from one another. A part of us will die without it. Take a look around and see how many wounded souls there are, better yet, how many you feel.

We can plainly see on all social media how people arereaching out in the wrong ways for love and attention. This online world we have built is phenomenal but it is destroying so many of us. I feel the disconnect everywhere I go and through the people I meet. It is heart breaking to me.

I have reached out to physically touch people and emotionally help them only to be looked at in fear, suspicion and/or doubt. When will all this distrust end? We need to learn how to love one another no matter the religion, race, job, etc. This connects with labels once again. Shed this all and you will see a drastic change.

Here is what I have experienced in my life. How you react or respond to others is the ultimate decision you can ever make. Becoming aware of your actions and words will change your life. Trying to understand a fellow humans experience will give you vast expansion in how you view things.

Every person you meet has gone through something and a simple word, touch on the hand or if you dare, a hug, can make such an impact on them. I have been both a giver and a receiver and nothing feels better than human contact.

This disconnect leads to people forming relationships simple because they are lonely and staying together because they are terrified to be alone or going back to someone that is toxic.

We are social beings and cannot hide from the fact that we need others and we need touch. Lets see how you feel when you think of those moments when; a child holds your hand; a friend greets you with a great big warming embrace; a stranger asks you how your day is and lightly touches your arm; someone that is simply in your presence in the time of need;  your partner touches the small of your back, hugs you when you’re feeling down, kisses you when the passion arises.

What comes with contact? Compassion and love for a fellow human being and I mean a genuine for everything that surrounds us.  It truly seems love is the answer to everything andit is what makes the world go round. If we learn how to love ourselves it will only blossom and grow into something more wonderful than we can imagine.

About the author: AJ
I am an outdoors enthusiast and appreciate and respect nature. I am a fun loving individual who enjoy solitude but also enjoys the company of others.

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