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Irish naturists ‘delighted’ by 1st officially recognized nude beach (via CBC)

Pat Gallagher of the Irish Naturist Association welcomes an official beach to bare it all.

If you’ve ever been to a beach in Ireland, there’s a good chance you were clothed — mostly because of the weather and because it probably didn’t cross your mind.

Even if it did, until recently, it was technically a crime to be nude on a beach in Ireland.

But that law was struck down in 2014. Now Irish nudists are celebrating another step forward: a sign informing people that there might be naked bathers at their first official nude beach.

It’s a secluded spot just outside Dublin called Hawk Cliff.

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One thought on “Irish naturists ‘delighted’ by 1st officially recognized nude beach (via CBC)

  1. Great news. Congradulations to the naturists who worked for years to make this happen and to the Irish who didn’t get their knickers in a bunch over this as happens here in the US whenever a small section of coast is proposed for clothing optional use.

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