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We have health problems in this world.   Oodles of them.    Why?       It’s been a long time since our race was perfect.   Lots of deterioration has happened.    But since we are what we eat,   and we can do something about what we eat usually.      That’s one area we have control over.       And I’ve discovered interesting things about it.      There was a Dr Northern some time back who was a real doctor,   real in the sense that he really wanted to find out what causes disease and how to prevent it.    He hired a young chemist Cary Reams (who’s been called Einstein’s brightest student)  to help him and they did extensive research in nutrition.    What they found is that our soils generally are badly out of balance and/or low in minerals.   The exact correct balance of minerals needed was found by Reams as he did radioactive mineral tagging to trace what plants did with minerals.   And then bears out in real life application.    It turns out that what makes a plant healthy is the same that makes us healthy and disease free when we eat the product.

In 1936 Dr Northern spoke before US congress urging them to do something about the health problems caused by nutrient depleting of our soils.   But nothing happened.   And then WWII took everyone’s attention.    After the war there were chemical companies who’d rapidly accelerated their production for the war effort who suddenly found themselves without a market for their products.   Land grant universities were established for research,  and thy figured out how to work agriculture into a big marked for their chemicals.   And so it’s gone ever since.  The focus is in the wrong place to obtain healthy plants and the resulting healthy animals and humans.  Then the medical industry grows substantially to manage the diseases that develop,  for profit.     Ever wonder why cancer research is always an ongoing thing and yet a cure is never really found?     Oh but the cure has been found,  over and over again,   both prevention and cure.  But it’s ignored and kicked out of the system.    Why?   There’s no money in it for the system.   The hospitals would go broke if everyone were taught how to be healthy,  the drug companies would have no market for their drugs,  the chemical companies would loose out if farmers were taught how to grow really healthy food that stops disease in it’s tracks and backs it up.     But the information is available for private research.    Reams work was never written up by himself,  but he taught others.   Two men mainly took it up,  Dr Scow, a veterinarian,  who established International ag labs, and A Dr Alex Beddoe, a dentist who wrote a book called Nourishment Home Grown.  And others working on it as well later on.   A system being called nutrient dense,  or high brix.    And the results are obvious once anyone gets a taste.  The flavor of nutrient dense produce is superb.   Better than anything you ever tasted from normal agriculture.

But now there’s another side to it as well.    I’ve come to see that the original plan of lifestyle implemented by our Creator in the garden of eden,  is the very best for our health.   Simply stated;    Naturist gardening,  and eating what grows without any modification.    But even there, if it’s not grown nutrient dense,  it’s still not going to create the best health, or be very appetizing.      So combine naturist gardening with an implementation of Reams system of nutrient dense agriculture,  and then consume it right from the plant without a hint of modification,   and you have a plan that can’t be beat.     Why raw?      There’s several people in just the last few hundred years who have tried it with interesting results.     One man on a raw vegan diet was able to build endurance till he ran 100 miles per day several days on end.     He just never got tired and kept going.  So we are operating physically on a very low level, very inefficiently, on our normal cooked and flesh food diet.   And longevity?   One man lived to be 132 (guessed at by his last wife, since there were no birth records and he wouldn’t tell)   and died of a trail riding accident.   One man lived to 152 and died when his diet changed.    And finally one man in china lived to 256 on such a diet.   1677-1933. Which is the only really long term experiment I know of in modern times free of accidental death or violation of the diet.     Check out Annett Larkins on youtube.   What’s going on with her?      But trying to eat that way from the grocery store?  Forget it,   the food is worthless in nutrition and flavor.    Only solution is learn how to do nutrient dense agriculture and grow it myself.

Back to the Naturist gardening life where we came from over 6000 years ago.  Sunshine on the skin is a big part of good health.  But what we eat is a much bigger part.    I just learned that chlorophyll when consumed and circulating in our blood,  will generate extra amounts of disease fighting antioxidants when exposed to the light that passes through our skin.   So eat that raw chlorophyll and get naked in the sun.     Addicted to cooked food or animal flesh?  Then just eat yerself into the grave.  Forks spoons and knives are the most effective grave digging tools around.    We have the opportunity to eat ourselves into life and health if we’ll just determine to do so.    And I’ve come to realize that we can readjust our mental attitudes intelligently,  according to reason,   we don’t have to follow inclination.    I see that once I get myself on that high brix raw diet,  everything else will seem  so low quality as to be worthless,  won’t even desire it.  I’m fed up with the grocery store diet, it’s gettin me down,  have to get something better going.

About the author: Reuben Titus
I've done many things in life, but naturist gardener, eating nutrient dense raw vegan as it becomes available, is my current pursuit and for life I hope. Because that's the route to maximum health and longevity.

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