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beautiful – more than a pretty face

2018 03 21 12.39.20You’re so beautiful. You hear this statement a lot but what is it really saying? Especially in today’s society. It is so consumed with how people look. I can appreciate beauty in many places, faces and actions. However, it has come to cut me deeply lately.

I’ve been told “you are beautiful” many times, even from complete strangers. Compliments are always nice but at what cost? Those words are so loosely used and used to get what one wants. It goes to show that many people rely solely on looks. Once beauty fades all that you have left is your withered body and brilliant mind. So why don’t more people use it? An intelligent mind is so damn sexy, it’s unreal.

This brings me to nudism. Why is it still so shocking to so many people? Just because a body, (place or thing) is not visually pleasing to the eye, does not mean it’s not beautiful. Our society is a reflection on the human race. At this point in time many are lost and broken and reach for what is visually pleasing to the eyes. They look no deeper. They are scared of what is beneath (clothes, a face, a feeling) and they are scared because they think it won’t be beautiful. The best part of this human experience is what is beneath. What makes your soul dance, what scares the shit out of you, what raw instincts hide in that animal part of you, beautiful or not.

IMG 6191I am here to tell you what I believe to be beautiful. When a person can completely let themselves be free of judgement and stand there completely naked, baring not only their body, but their soul. They stand proud of who they truly are. The physical scars show you have experienced life. The emotional scars show that you have loved deeply and grew from the pain and the love. The stretch marks on a women’s stomach stand proud to show you have gave birth to life. Those tears you shed after your heart has been shattered to pieces. The fury you feel after being beat down. The fire in your eyes while proclaiming your beliefs. This is beautiful.

I see beauty everywhere I look but I am not blind to the shadows that lurk around each corner on the street and in our minds. We all have a choice each day on what to focus on and practice. We need to expose every crack and crevice in our being and challenge what it is that makes us human. I choose to see the beauty in things and accept all life’s challenges. Yes I am beautiful, but I am not just a pretty face.

About the author: Rawsoul82
I am an outdoors enthusiast and appreciate and respect nature. I am a fun loving individual who enjoy solitude but also enjoys the company of others.
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