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I take on Florida with Black Naturist Association (guest the melaninated nude)

This was first published on the melanated nude and replushed in its entirety with permission

Many of you who have been following the blog for a while, know that my main reason for starting this project a few years ago was to provide more positive spaces online that highlighted naturism and its connection to black people. Most of the experiences i have blogged about have been me reflecting on the various events I’ve been able to partake in via St. Louis or in the DMV area. My ultimate goal for years has been to connect with other black naturists and create a group where we could share experiences, support each other , and travel with one another to various naturist friendly spots. That goal was realized, but just in a slightly different way than i had envisioned.

Last year, I was looking around on the net doing research on black naturists and was looking for anything I could find that would give me a new perspective to create different conversations for the blog. What I would find was a group that had already been established a little less than a year ago. That group was the Black Naturists Association. Upon finding a blog post about the new “BNA” i quickly clicked on the link to try to get in touch with someone involved with it. I didn’t really know what to expect. As a matter of fact, i intentionally set my intentions kinda low because I didn’t want to get my hopes up just to be let down. After clicking the link to the BNA info site, I was contacted immediately by one of the administrators and before the end of the day I was already a paid member of the association. This was a big deal! As a person of color, I had always noticed that I was usually the only one at events I was going to. Being the only one never kept me from participating but it did create a need for me to see others in the room who looked like me. I had found my tribe with the Black Naturists Association.

As a member of the Black Naturists Association, I was now connected to an entire network of other black naturists who had all been looking for community like me. I was also connected to a network of black naturists who were great at planning events and loved traveling. I had only been in the group for about a month when the admins started talking about a Florida weekend trip. After checking the dates and my schedule, I decided it was worth the investment and I started to make payments for the trip. As a member of the BNA, I received the cheaper rate and the payments were split up into three monthly fees. This made the trip so much easier to budget for and after three months I paid off my trip. After making my last payment, the wait was on! January was ending, February came and seemed like it took an eternity to pass! Before I knew it, March was here and it was finally time for the trip.

The night before my plane would leave for Florida, I have to admit I was extremely nervous. I mean I was about to travel to Florida, meet up with a group of strangers, and spend the entire weekend with them nude. My mind was racing with the “what if” thoughts! You know…what if the people judge me, what if I don’t really click with anyone, what if it rains, etc… As those thoughts were bouncing around in my head, I remembered that I had already paid for the trip and bought my plane ticket. I had made a financial commitment to go and I was going to do everything I could to make the best of the experience. I would go to bed that Thursday night at peace and woke up Friday morning ready for a new adventure!

Friday was here!!! I had made my way to the airport to board my flight. Before long, I was in the Orlando airport making my way to the meeting place to be picked up. Everything from that point on was perfect. BNA crew had organized a meeting location in the airport for us to wait and be picked up. After being picked up, we were taken to the house where we would be staying for the weekend. Once we arrived to the house, there were people already there to greet us! I, personally, felt welcome from the door. Shortly after being greeted at the door, one of the moderators took me on a tour of the mansion and showed me to my room. After I placed my bags down and settled in for a sec, I was encouraged to come downstairs and meet everyone by the pool/hot tub area.

Once I made it back downstairs, the party had officially began for me. People wasted no time at all stripping down and getting naked and were already relaxing in the hot tub area. I was encouraged to join and the rest was history. The group was friendly and welcoming! Although we were all black, diversity was definitely present. There were people of all ages, genders, shapes, sizes, etc. It was an amazing experience because those differences never seemed to be the focus. We were all able to celebrate the things that we had in common and were committed to having a good time.

The house was unlike anything I had ever seen before! I’ve stayed in some very nice Airbnb’s over the years but nothing could compare to this place. The mansion had 14 bedrooms in total, 3 full sized kitchens, two pools, 3 hot tubs, a sauna, a wet room, basketball court, bowling alley, game room, workout facility, several bar areas, and a movie theatre. We had unrestricted access to the entire house and we made sure to use everything we had at our disposal. While at the mansion, there was also a live in chef, who prepared 3 meals a day for us. There was a massage therapist living in with us, who you could set up appointments with throughout the weekend. As I stated earlier, we were literally living in the lap of luxury over the weekend! It was definitely worth the investment I had made.

During our second day, we took a trip to Cypress Cove, which is a Naturists resort in Kissimmee. This was an interesting experience. Although I had been to many naturists events over the past few years, this was my first time at a nudist resort. I could spend hours talking about that experience, so I think I will just make a separate post reviewing that place. Overall, it was an amazing experience. We definitely made the space more diverse when we showed up. The people were very warm and receptive to us and made sure we had a positive experience.

Besides being free to be nude around others for an entire weekend, I think I enjoyed the conversations we were having the most! We had so many conversations about how we’ve been socialized, why nudism is still taboo in our culture, what we can do to change the negative perception of naturists, positive/negative experiences we’ve had as naturists, etc. I think the fact that we all met nude, allowed us to be open about a lot of other things. As a whole, the trip was a success and I am extremely glad that I decided to go. I feel like I’ve been typing for hours now and I’m exhausted from looking at this screen. As usual, I’d love to talk more about my experience with you all. If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to message me on here. Also, please share if you like the post. Is like as many people to know about the Black Naturists Association as possible and the incredible trips they plan.

If you’re interested in joining the Black Naturist Association, check us out!

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3 thoughts on “I take on Florida with Black Naturist Association (guest the melaninated nude)

  1. We spent a few days at Haulover beach recently. Wish we knew folks from the BNA was going to be there too. Sounds like an organization we would like to join. Do you ever have any events or meetings in the Tampabay area?

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience. I as well have been wanting to find more black people who enjoy being socially nude. This group sounds just like what I have been searching for and I hope to be able to join in on some of the outings.

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