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Let’s Go Back to Our Roots guest post (raw soul real)

Let’s go back to our roots. Way back. Where we simply existed just like the rest of the creatures on this planet. No houses, no cars, no electronics, just nature. When I am nude in nature I feel a deep connection with the Earth. It brings me back to whom I am and why I am here. It brings a sense of inner peace and calmness in me.

2017 06 30 13.11.12I always felt comfortable in my own skin and was never ashamed to be nude. I grew up with a family that accepted being nude and didn’t make a big deal out of it. They also taught me that keeping a sense of humour about life is a must and to not take things so seriously. Some people get so caught up in life, they forget to have fun.

When I would go camping, it was only natural to me to remove my clothes. My partner did not fully understand it but accepted it. When I was at home, I would be comfortable being nude and my partner would ask if I was worried about someone seeing me through the windows. That never was a concern for me. It’s only a body, I would say.

​Going to a nude beach was always on my bucket list. I moved to the Edmonton area in 2015 and quickly discovered one when I was searching for lakes and hiking areas. So I made my way to the beach one sunny afternoon. I was a little nervous at first but that didn’t last long when others started introducing themselves and made me feel very welcome and comfortable.

I was blown away the openness and acceptance of everyone. This was where I belonged. All the labels are shed when all the clothes are shed. All of that nonsense falls away. We are all in our full glory and it’s beautiful. Everyone is there to simply exist in their natural peaceful state of being. You are so vulnerable but at the same time powerful. It is an empowering experience to say the least.

002 1The nudist community I have got know here is amazing. I have met some of the most wonderful people and they have become like family to me. I have met people of all ages, cultures, etc. And the acceptance among everyone is heart warming. This is how it should be, all the time, everywhere on this planet. When we can reach of point of consciousness that we can accept one another for whom we truly are, then we will find world peace.

So many people misunderstand nudism and you cannot explain it to them. Believe me, I tried. They simply have to experience it to truly understand the lifestyle. It’s difficult to express how it makes you feel to someone who has accepted society’s notions about being nude and how it is sexualized. It seems like most of society is so lost and disconnected and it makes me very sad. I can only hope people will eventually “awaken” and I feel one way it can happen is through naturism. Which brings us back to our roots.

raw soul real

About the author: Rawsoul82
I am an outdoors enthusiast and appreciate and respect nature. I am a fun loving individual who enjoy solitude but also enjoys the company of others.
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