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zoha means light – clothes free yogi you should know

Our newest featured clothes free yogi you should know reminds us to love the skin we are in.   She is often found participating in one of the many yoga challenges on Instagram where you can find her @zohameanslight

I started my yoga practice during a stressful separation that led to divorce. At the time I was in need of something that allowed me to listen to myself and to heal in a way that I hadn’t before. The failed marriage had really shook up my beliefs about myself and I felt I needed to do something that allowed me to relearn myself. Because I was now a single mom of two, with a full time job and I was in school; I needed something that I could do in my home with just myself. When I began my yoga practice it was nude, it just felt more natural, I’m actually more comfortable nude but as I began to interact with Instagram, I wanted to participate in challenges so I bought “yoga clothing”. I would still practice nude and then put on my yoga clothes to post pictures on my page. When I practiced in the nude I felt so connected to myself, I could smell myself and see my sweat and feel it on my skin, plus I could hear my body, something I had to really strain to do with clothes on. I knew that I wanted to share my nude yoga practice but I wasn’t really sure how to go about it, so I searched out nude yogis and followed them. I began posting more nude yoga pictures and I was initially nervous because I knew that it would cause some people that I knew to ask questions that I didn’t feel I needed to answer. As I became more comfortable with the idea that others would see me and think what they wanted I became less concerned because the benefits of my practice were evident in my life.

I love the feel of my body when I’m moving into a pose or holding a pose. My partner now is a naturist yogi and he helped me to move my practice outdoors. There is nothing like baring your skin to the trees and shaping your body in the fresh air. The feeling is simply magical. As a writer and artist, my daily nude practice keeps me centered and helps restore my creative energies. I’m grateful to my nude yoga practice because it keeps me honest and realistic.

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