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What it’s really like to travel the world nude (via Mackay Daily Mercury)

IT TAKES a lot to shock a couple who spend their time travelling the world in the nude. This unusual encounter stands out as the most awkward ever.

“YOU didn’t know that on Sunday evening there’s a swingers party?”

They were the words that froze travellers Nick and Lins in their tracks. The jetsetting Belgian couple, who share nude photos of themselves travelling the world on their popular Instagram page Naked Wanderings, have seen thousands of people in the buff. But they never expected this super-awkward encounter in Brazil, where they ended up accidentally wandering into a swingers party.

It all started when the excited couple visited a beautiful beach in Salvador. With white sand for miles, coconut tress – and two nudist B&Bs – Massarandupio Beach proved to be truly stunning.

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curator’s note Disappointed the report leads with sexual stuff that suggest nudism is a salacious activity. Only serves to reinforce conventional wisdom despite protestations of the articles primary subjects. Better title would be “How nude travelers react to encountering swingers.”

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