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What is in a word? Does Naturist Mean What We Want it to Mean? (via Camp Natural)

Naked Wanderings (@nakedwanderings) had a nice article written about them in News.Com.AU. One quote though really caused me to stop and think. I have always considered myself a naturist because I believe that the difference between nudists and naturists is that naturists tend to be nude outside, at the beach, in the woods, swimming, hiking camping etc. Whereas nudists are nude all the time, or as much as they can be. In that way, all nudists are naturists, but not all naturists are nudists. Swingers were always defined independently of either of these words. We do not say all celibate, gay, straight, single, or monogamous people are predominately one or the other. It made sense to me that we would not do that with swingers either. Now I am not so sure. The quote was this:

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