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O’naturel Paris review – fine dining clothes free guest post Howard

On the evening of 9 February 2018 myself and my wife went to O’Naturel for a meal as part of a few days in Paris to celebrate her 50th birthday. I have been a naturist for a few years now, but my wife has only relatively recently started occasionally joining me at events.

You have to book in advance, but this was very easy via their website (which includes a menu in English), and it wasn’t long before I received an email confirming my booking request. The restaurant isn’t in the very centre of Paris, but it is not far away, and was easily reached using the city’s Metro system. The door to the restaurant is locked for privacy, but on arrival you just have to press a button outside to request attention. This was answered quite quickly, our reservation confirmed, and we went in.

We were directed to the changing room in order to undress, where there were plenty of lockers available. Mine was big enough for all my clothes and my small rucksack. We were provided with pairs of slippers, which came in sealed cellophane bags. Once naked (apart from the slippers), and carrying just our locker keys, we proceeded through another door into the restaurant, and were seated at our table.

The food was as you would expect in a French restaurant – prepared to a high standard and well presented. We thoroughly enjoyed it. For starter I had snails. I’m not sure if it was intended to be in keeping with the style of the restaurant, but they too were naked (i.e. not in their shells). It did make them rather easier to eat than the previous time I had had them and needed to ‘extract’ them!

A nice touch came at the end of the meal when the staff came out with couple of lit ‘sparklers’ in a small receptacle, and they and the other diners all sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to my wife (I had mentioned in my booking that it was her birthday).

The atmosphere at the restaurant was friendly throughout, and we were well attended to.
The prices were perhaps a little on the high side, but acceptable given that it was a good standard of French restaurant, and in Paris. Added to that we were prepared to pay a little extra for the opportunity to dine naked. It certainly made it a memorable part of my wife’s birthday celebrations.

Howard (@howardsmith1964)

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