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the fault lies not in the stars but in ourselves part 1 fixed on naked bodies

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.” Julius Cesar – William Shakespeare

The more time I spend observing the discourse among the average nudist/naturist online the more I believe the quote above applies to much of the online naturist /nudist community as much as it did to the fictional characters. Simply put what I observe lessens the hope I have for the growth of the cause of normalizing simple nudity through the use of online resources for promotion and engagement. Why you ask? Here are three reasons I will explore in a three part series of posts.

  1. Some people who label themselves as naturists/nudists online seem fixated on naked bodies and body parts.  Rather than focusing on real lives of people the focus is on attaching the naturist/nudist label  to people who show their naked bodies online.
  2. Naturists/nudist online are highly opinionated but unwilling to engage that which doesn’t fit with their opinions or worldview.
  3. Many naturists/nudists online and in real life seem inclined to hijack social efforts with their opinions with out discourse and obsession with the naked body and not people.

Let me illustrate my first point with this conversation on twitter.

The blog post by a well regarded naturist person online was prompted by these tweets.


There is a pattern that I observe that starts with a person(usually an attractive woman) who posts images or expresses a love of nakedness on social media an online “nudists” (usually men) trip over themselves to find a point of association. It is a seemlingly innocent effort on the surface but usually lacks any exploration of the intentions or motivation of the individual. The mere association overrides deeper discussion of why those people feel the way they do and who they are in the online space. This is important because often these folks are drawn to use their nakedness for financial means. This often done as part of an artistic effort  or other means to monetize their nakedness. There  is absolutely nothing wrong with that and no one should face any judgement about how they use their body to make a living.  Similarly the conflation of that activity with being genital phobic or judging naturists seems out of place.   If a person says they are not naturist and their activities should not be judged as such should take them at their word.

To be fair we live in a time where individual opinion reigns supreme over institutional association and values. There are many ways that individuals can express their participation in nudism. Marc Alina Decamps suggested as much many years ago.

Is there an alternative response? I believe so.

  • Let’s start with losing the preoccupation with naked body parts.  This phenomenon seems to be a factor of the online space. In real life social nudity is about people not parts. It is much more than seeing or being seen. Social nudity as practiced in naturism is more about knowing people and being known by other people.
  • If we want respect give respect. If If someone doesn’t see themselves as a naturist why do some feel the need to convince them otherwise. Honor their identity and continue to promote a positive view of ours.  Trying to force fit someone into a social identification not of their choosing typically generates negativity. Not everyone who likes being naked will be a naturist or nudist respect that. We should accept their self identity and move on with our purpose.
  • In a post modern world where the extreme poles of tribalism and individualism seem eager to rip apart the emerging social fabric, the question comes to mind. If you stand for nothing will you fall for anything It is time for an honest examination of our role as naturist and nudist in struggle and decline of the practice. It seems to this writer that the  fault is not in the stars or prudes or anyone else. It is in us.

Stay tuned for the next part of this series. What do you think? Talk up

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