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Are all nudists exhibitionists? (via Naked Wanderings)

We imagine that all long term nudists who are reading this will now raise their hands, ready to type a load of complaints at our address about how we can possibly ask such a question. But still, we hear this a lot. Both from textiles as from nudists, by the way. Does our urge to be naked among others mean that we want to be seen? Could our nude activities have another purpose than just plainly being naked?

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curator’s note This is important question that needs to fully examined if nudism is to be more than a fringe activity. Here is the comment from our editor EarlD on the subject.

The notion that all nudists are little exhibitionists is an idea that has been floated in the online space for many years now by the “open-minded” folks who have by and large hijacked the term nudist to promote and validate their particular sexual proclivities.

Knowing that those proclivities cannot gain social acceptance on their own these exhibitionists and other who use nudity as a precursor to sexual activity wan to attach themselves to simple non sexual nudity as everyday activity. This association blurs the lines between the two and creates problems for new and long time nudists who already have to fight the social perception that nudists are people who want to get naked and walk around with an erection at a clothing optional beach. Pretty much any person I know who has been to a clothing optional beach has no interest in seeing his or any persons erection and they are not prudes as people like him are want to suggest.

Wisconsin nudists lost the use of Mazo beach because of the this kind of idea. NY nudists lost Lighthouse beach because of idea. Byron Bay nudists in Australia are in jeopardy of losing their beach because of this idea.

Historically associating simple non sexual nudity (naturist clothes free life) with sexual proclivities of a small group insistent on hijacking nudism has been bad for growth of nudism. Nothing has changed. Nudists or not exhibitionist because there is nothing inherently sexual about being clothes free. The sexual charge comes when a person gets undressed to expose/present themselves to the view of others in order to gain sexual response action or pleasure.

I wish these exhibitionists could but own their own truth and be who they are without attaching to the nudist description. Though is is more and more common I for one cannot get used to the practice particularly but not exclusively in social media of associating nudism and exhibitionism.

This genuine nudists doesn’t get clothes free for sexual reasons to present exhibit or show off my body to anyone. I could care less if any one on a clothing optional beach sees my clothes free body. It is exclusively for my freedom and comfort. I am a human being not just a body that is what I want people to see.

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2 thoughts on “Are all nudists exhibitionists? (via Naked Wanderings)

  1. I would say in response that there would appear to be a political campaign by conservative groups in the US against social nudity. In this case there is a twisting of the meaning of ‘exhibitionism’ so that all nudity by definition is exhibitionist. It is not long ago that the charge was that nudists are perverts, especially single males. In NZ we had a campaign against child care, kindergartens, in the 1990s by right wing religious groups focusing on the growing number of male child care teachers and invented allegations of sexual misconduct , the result today is that males are out of child care. I think you will find this ‘transitional’ approach is followed because the right know this is the only way any progress can be made on their social policy agenda.

  2. To the person who thought comparing naturists to oppressed people was sufficient reason to use the n-word and homophobic slur in a comment on our site
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