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naturism and Italy.. a difficult relationship – guest contributor max

I’m Max! 31 years old italian guy who discovered naturism few years ago and from there and then started experiencing a new, fresh and totally free way of living. I love travelling and I daily read everything from the web. From that I discovered how many differences we have with other european or extra UE countries about the naturism and nudism topic. I don’t actually have friends or a girlfriend who enjoy my same passion and this is one of the main reason I never had a real naturist holiday abroad but.. who knows?

Italy is known by everybody as one of the most interesting and amazing holiday destinations. Its incredible and deep history made my country a real open air museum wherever you wanna go. Impossible also not talking about the italian food experience.. Have you ever been in Heaven? I can answer probably twice or three times eating some wonderful masterpiece 🙂

Well most of the people could say Italy is just perfect amazing (one day we’ll talk about politics and economics ok?) but I would reply about the fact that I really miss places where a naturist/nudist can spend time free without problems

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One thought on “naturism and Italy.. a difficult relationship – guest contributor max

  1. Public nudity has only been legalised in Italy in 2006… So the country does have a lot of catching up to do. But they’ll get there, we know of about 5 naturist campgrounds at the moment and we’re pretty sure that this number will rise significantly in the coming years

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