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iSwimNude – version 3.0 review

iSwimNude by – naturist places worldwide, version 3.0. Previous versions and updates of this app have been reviewed before.

iSwimNude Version 3.0 is described as …the App for the naturist. It’ll show you where other people go swimming in the nude and allows you to post your own locations. It does list free beaches, resorts, campgrounds and a lot more!

The latest version boasts a new interface, with a new look set of icons. It also comes with full support from the iPad the previous design primarily for the iPhone. Also included is an option to save and manage favorites. The search enhanced functions and links to variety mapping apps including Google maps, Waze, Apple Maps or feature in the version update.

The new version feels much smoother and looks slicker than previous versions. All legacy locations are imported so they are still accessible. The app opens up the list view one of four views which includes map, favorites and settings. Searching for locations is simple. Type in a region postal code or other location identifier city, state latitude longitude and get results. The results can be filtered by options like resort, campground, beach, sauna, pool, and club. Selecting one of the results from the list displays it in the details pane of the list view.

From the detail pane you can edit the current entry, read comments or add your own (which requires a logged in iCloud account) and add it to favorites select the map icon to view the location on the map. The location coverage is global and the legacy user sourced entries combined with new ones added in this new version gives great coverage.  That means anyone should be able to find a location to try.

The map view shows the location on the map with option to get directions depending on the selected map application. Selecting the info icon opens a pop up window with the information for the details pane. If you previously downloaded the app, I suggest you definitely get the new version. It is a huge improvement in performance and best of all its free. If you use this app come back here and giving a rating. Now go swim nude.


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