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bare naked creations by Lauren

In a world filled with naked selfies of varied intentions and motives it is good to come across depiction of the naked body that speak to a higher purpose. That is what drew this eye to the body positive work of this featured artist profile bare naked creations. There are many artists who post images of their work on Instagram. We follow some who paint sculpt or depict simple nudity and the naked form. We are privileged to feature some of them here. Not many of the artist who express the naked for actually work naked. One such artist goes by the moniker bare naked creations.

CFL – What is your background / training as an artist?

BNC – I am actually self taught i guess. I knew from a very early age that I wanted to be an artist. I was convinced by people around me to pursue design as a career, instead of art. It has only been in the last 6 months that I found my way back to my art and started creating again. It’s always been a big part of me and something that I am so excited to be sharing with the world now.

CFL – What are your favourite themes or subjects for your work?

BNC – I love painting the naked human form. It’s raw and beautiful and it shows to the world that we are all made of the same stuff. We are all flesh, bones and spirit and to me there’s nothing more beautiful than that. It’s quite extraordinary to sit and get to know my models and hear their story, then painting that emotion into the painting is such an amazing experience.

CFL – Bare Naked Creations why?

BNC – Painting for me is my most vulnerable state. You’re seeing me laid bare and naked on a canvas. While the physical nakedness is obvious, it was the vulnerability I first felt when I shared my art that really cemented the name for me.

CFL – Do you always paint without clothes?

BNC – Almost always. If I’m painting in a public place, sadly I’m not allowed. But in saying that, I am wanting to find a space where I can invite people to come and see what happens and what they feel when I paint.

CFL – What are your reasons for painting clothes free? What’s your motivation?

BNC – At first it was because I kept on getting paint on my clothes and ruining them… But then i actually started to notice that the works i created while clothes free were the ones that I was most proud of and my most creative. So since then, it’s become a big part of my process.

CFL – Can you share a bit of your creative process?

BNC – Most of my ideas come to me through my meditation. I meditate daily and I quite often visualise what is the next thing to be painted.

If I am painting a model I like to sit down and get to know who I am painting and a little bit about their story. I find it an extremely intimate sitting. I also find that it produces the most soulful paintings when I am able to connect with my models in this way. I always paint naked when it’s one on one and I absolutely love hearing about my model and their life.

CFL – What media do you typically paint in?

BNC – Mostly, I work with Acrylic Paint, either on Canvas or Wood. Occasionally, I incorporate some mix media where I feel that it adds to the piece for example creating a hair piece out of embroidery floss or adding ribbons to the canvas to add an extra something something.

CFL – What are you working on right now?

BNC – Currently, I’m working on a series that celebrates the feminine form and creation. It’s an ode to mother nature and the four seasons. There’s also another beautiful little Shibari piece that is impatiently waiting to be created.

CFL – Do you anticipate people will get from viewing your art?

BNC – What I’ve found is that people can have very emotional reactions to my work, especially when it is something that I’ve created specifically for them. There is still a great deal of shame that people hold around their bodies and my art tends to move something in them. It shows people the beauty that I see in their body, that they may not necessarily see. I paint people on a soul level which often takes people by surprise.

CFL – How can people see or purchase your art work?

BNC – I am most active on instagram @barenaked_creations and all of my work can also be found for purchase here

CFL – Anything else you would like our readers to know?

BNC – I have seen both sides of the weight debate. I have been a competitive bodybuilder with a body that could have been on fitness magazines. But i wasn’t happy. I was plain miserable.

I have come to love my nakedness and curves for the beauty that they are. It’s this kind of body love and positivity that I want to bring to the world.

I don’t see the physical imperfections that you may feel you have. I have the ability to create something that reflects you on a soul level.

Also want to give a big shout out to Rebecca for the live shoots of me painting.




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