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camp natural blog review

The minimalist no pics design and look of camp natural blog works
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Name: camp natural

Description: Midwest Naturist Campers: Wilderness, Camaraderie, Acceptance

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  • content - 10/10
  • design - 8.5/10
  • naturist/nudist relevance - 10/10
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camp natural blog is a more than pics award winner. This review is a part of that award. This camp natural blog review was easy to do and a pleasure as well.

Camp natural

What we like: This blog site is a prime example of a more than pics awardee. Beyond the home page image of a sunset in nature on the home page blog site for Midwest Naturist Campers: Wilderness, Camaraderie, Acceptance has few images.  What you get instead is serious stuff. Serious information, serious thoughts serious naturist and nudist content. By serious we mean good, informative, well-reasoned content well worth the reading every time they publish a new post.

Alas, those trips can be hard to come by these days. Searching for that feeling you visit some of the clothing-optional resorts and campgrounds here in the midwest. And though they are nice and friendly, there is something missing. Something found from just being out in the wilds, with no RVs or golf carts coming and going.

What we look forward to: More of the same. We hope they can resist the picture pull and continue to post excellent more than pics reads for naturist nudist and clothes free outdoors activity.
what needs improvement The minimalist no pics design and look of camp natural blog works. It is definitely a plus to communicating no nonsense naturist outdoor stories and perspectives. The site could use just a bit of personality maybe some color to make it more visually attractive.
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