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Statue of Naked Woman Is Blocked From National Mall (via Matt Stevens)

The National Park Service denied a permit submitted by a group that sought to bring the 45-foot-tall steel sculpture to Washington.

The National Park Service has blocked activists from installing a giant sculpture of a nude woman on the National Mall in Washington.

In a letter on Wednesday to the group seeking to install the statue, the park service’s acting regional director, Rick Obernesser, said that the agency had chosen to deny requests to put the 45-foot-tall sculpture, titled “R-Evolution,” “on the turf or hardscape near the Washington Monument.”

Placing the piece on the turf for 91 days was likely to “significantly damage” the grounds, he wrote. Putting such a tall sculpture near the base of the Washington Monument, he said, was “likely to have an adverse effect on the aesthetics, including the cultural identity, of the area.”

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